Butterfly Mark awarded by Positive Luxury

Our aim is to inspire and motivate consumers to make responsible choices about the products they buy. Everyday actions however small, when repeated, make a big difference to the world. We are very proud to have received the Butterfly Mark award and we will continue to upkeep and improve our methods to deliver sustainable and safe, high quality products to …

Newar Artisans & Craftsmen

Newari Artisans Brass Smith

Kathmandu valley is home to the Newar community, guardians of some of the oldest traditions in Nepal. Among the multi-ethnic populations of Nepal, the Newar Artisans emerged very early with a distinct identity. In Newari language, Kathmandu valley is called Nepa or Nepal. This is what gave, by extension, the name to the country itself. The Newars are particularly renowned …

Daphne Paper and Nepalese Tradition

Daphne Paper Old Documents

Specimen of newspaper, official documents, tibetan banknote, tibetan buddhist text, all printed on Daphne paper as per earlier tradition.

Nepal’s dependence on monsoon rain continues to intensify in agriculture, spirituality, social culture and art. In today’s modern life and ongoing threats from natural disasters and climate changes, this dependence is equally evident. On the fifth day of the month Shravan according to the Hindu calendar (celebrated this year on 27th July 2017), in Nepalese culture the role of the …

Burmese Naga Tribe – A creative force

Burmese Naga Tribe

Burmese Naga Tribe

During my travels in Thailand some years’ back, I went to Chiang Mai and my eyes were drawn to some beautiful fabrics with bold yet intricate patterns originating from the Burmese Naga Tribe (of North-Western Burma). From the marvelous Naga weaving patterns that I selected, I was inspired to use this creative force and adapt them to a graphic design, …

Sustainable Natural Textiles

From top to bottom, in the image above: Nettle, hemp and Daphley

From my earlier days, when creating designs, I was always attracted to the use of natural textiles such as hemp, nettle and linen, which happen to be the most sustainable textiles. So much so, that this led me to create my own textile, a vegetal leather which I named Daphley.

Writing on Handmade Paper


Many of my customers and friends ask me about writing on handmade paper; with all the long fibres one may think the pen would not write smoothly, or that the ink will run though the fibres. Imagine having a cotton ball where the fibers are very loose, once ink is applied the ink would bleed everywhere! Well, this wouldn’t happen …

A Symphony of Daphne

My idea for this unique opportunity was to create a book, which would act as the container as well as the contents. The book, being the necessary space for the advent of creation, would itself become the actor of its own story. The challenge would be to make it only with fibers of the Daphne bark. I would have to …

The Paper Pilgrimage

handmade paper

handmade paper tibetan prayer book

For centuries, Daphne paper has been traditionally handcrafted in Nepal and used to make Tibetan prayer books. But this was no simple feat. Acquiring the paper from the lower hills of Nepal and then printing prayers for students of ancient Tibet was in and of itself a journey. Sitting in his cozy room on the 2nd floor of Triten Norbutse …

Daphne paper: a millenial Himalayan tradition

Daphne paper (or Lokta in nepalese) finds its source in one of the most natural and sustainable plant fibers. For over a millenium, it has been produced according to Himalayan tradition, using the Daphne shrub which only grows in the foothills of the Himalayas. Naturally regenerating due to its very harvest…