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My fascination for handicrafts and paper art is no secret. Since I was young I created crafts and later, after settling in Nepal I began to design and manufacture lamps and other home deco made from the incredible sustainable Daphne paper.

In 2016, I participated in a design competitionPrix pour l’intelligence de la main” where the challenge was to create an object with only the fibers of the Daphne bark (the same fibers used to make the famous handmade Nepalese paper). Its cover was made from Daphley, a vegetal leather I coined, also made from these fibers.

As a designer and sketch artist from a young age, and an architect by profession, it’s no wonder that these paper designs by other designers around the world pose themselves to me as magnificent pieces of art! Whilst appreciating the technical value of any part pieces, for me it’s also the addition of artistic value and charming elements, something that appears magical and awakens emotions.

Here are my top finds of paper designs and artists around the world :

Ingrid Siliakus Paper Architecture

Ingrid Siliakus, Netherlands

This is a great example of intricate work and requires a fantastic 3D vision to be able to know how to cut out from a flat surface. The wonder of transformation from 2D to 3D is very charming. This piece by Ingrid Siliakus captures it all; the technical value and wanderlust.

Jean-Michel Letellier & Miki Nakamura Mulberry paper designs

Jean-Michel Letellier and Miki Nakamura, France/Japan

Jean-Michel, a personal friend who makes beautiful paper art pieces, and his wife, Miki Nakamura, work with paper pulp in a very delicate manner. Their works are minimalist, beautiful and inspiring.

Math Monahan Bringing life to a book

Math Monahan, US

The art of folding pages of paper in a book. The effect creates a magnificent work of art!

Richard Sweeney Pleated Paper Sculptures

Richard Sweeney, UK

Snow and clouds are some of the inspirations for Richard Sweeney. Bringing paper to life with these 3D sculptures, the English artist works solely with a cutter, a ruler and glue!

Kiri Ken Paper Cutting Mastery

Kiri Ken, Japan

Kiri Ken’s work is exemplary in delicate paper cutting work. The intricacy and fine details are what you would expect in an ink drawing. It flows, it inspires and it’s amazing technical work.

Rogan Brown Dimensional Paper Cutting

Rogan Brown, UK

Listed as one of the best paper cutting artists alongside Kiri Ken, Rogan Brown’s work also exhibits incredible paper cutting skills in volume. His charming works take you on a travel into another dimension, a kind of magical realm.

Yuko Takada Keller Paper Installations

Yuko Takada Keller, Japan/Denmark

Denmark-based Japanese artist Yuko Takada Keller uses paper for creating this delicate installation. She cuts paper very cleverly into triangular shapes and sticks them together, resulting in this beautiful installation in the front of your eyes.

About Marina Shrestha

« Ever since I was a child, I have carried a deep passion for handicrafts, particularly the ancient arts and crafts, which seemed to speak to us through time, of ancient civilizations. I am fascinated by the idea that our roots can reach so far back over the centuries and yet be connected to us, extending further still into the future through new creations. This connection gives me the feeling that I am a part of a whole and not just a mere individual » — MARINA

In 1976, Marina Shrestha, a French architecture student from Paris, travels east. Discovering various lands and cultures, she finally succumbs to the Himalayan charm and, in 1980, settles in Nepal. With a deep-rooted passion for authentic living traditions, she recognizes the prestige of ancient artisan traditions still surviving in Nepal and is especially captivated by the numerous qualities of daphne paper. With her natural flair for creativity Marina launches, in 1993, her first paper designs after converting her garage into a genuine workshop. She surrounds herself with a small production team and devotes her time to finding new ways in which Nepalese traditions can be applied. In 1994, Marina opens her first workshop in Kathmandu, which is at the time named Marina Paper. Over the years her relentless inspiration has blown her designs far beyond the paper sphere, and the brand is re-baptized as Marina Vaptzarova.

About Marina Vaptzarova

From Himalayan traditions to the trends of Paris Marina Vaptzarova designs celebrate a meeting of the old and the new. Marina Vaptzarova’s exquisite collections are the expression of dedicated quality and exceptional craftsmanship. The brand actively works towards maintaining a sustainable trade on an environmental, economical and social level. Marina Vaptzarova has recently been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury.

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