Positive Luxury - Butterfly mark

Since 1993, Marina has created designs with renewable and natural raw materials. Care for ecology and sustainability is deeply integrated in Marina Vaptzarova’s beliefs and intentions from the beginning, when talk of sustainability was not yet a pressing issue. Respect has always been our key word, whether it is respect for the environment, the artisans or the client.

In 2017, Marina Vaptzarova was awarded the Butterfly mark, powered by Positive Luxury, in recognition of our commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Positive Luxury, the award-winning company behind the Butterfly Mark accreditation, connects luxury brands with consumers that care.

1.618 Sustainable Luxury - Selection 2015

Environmental Protection

All Marina Vaptzarova designs are carefully handmade using materials that are only harvested and extracted by hand. Marina Vaptzarova collects and recycles all its paper off cuts. In this way very little energy is needed for fabrication and waste is reduced to a minimum. Almost all materials used in production are derived from Nepal’s natural plant life. Marina Vaptzarova will always choose to work with those that regenerate rapidly, as sheltering Nepal’s eco system is a priority concern.

Economic Development

Production is entirely carried out by Nepalese artisans. By opting for traditional techniques in its fabrication procedures, Marina Vaptzarova supports the conservation of Nepalese craftsmanship, which guarantees the transmission of traditions belonging to Nepal’s cultural heritage. The local Nepalese market thus finds a seat in the global market, fostering Nepal’s economy by using its own crafts and natural resources. By relying on local expertise, Marina Vaptzarova contributes to increasing employment in Nepal and acquiring job security for these employees.

Social Development

Since 1993, Marina Vaptzarova has been committed to improving working conditions and social benefits for its artisans. Without any legal obligation, the company has developed and implemented several benefits, such as health insurance or payment plans for school fees that are entirely at Marina Vaptzarova’s expense. Whenever possible, Marina Vaptzarova offers work at home, providing additional revenues for those who cannot work outside.

Marina Vaptzarova cares for diversity and non-discrimination, and therefore engages women and artisans from all castes and ethnic origin. The caste system is still very present in Nepal and men have higher status and more rights than women, but these discriminations have never influenced Marina Vaptzarova’s choices when hiring artisans.

To support Nepal's future, Marina Vaptzarova also donates 1% of its sales of paper designs to the Nepal Youth Foundation, who are committed to providing freedom, health, shelter and education to Nepal's most impoverished children.

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